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We wanted to make an impact wherever we step foot, whether it was online or inside of our Richmond, Texas dental office for another day of delivering top-notch dental care to patients of all ages. So this ended up putting us on a mission that we live up to fulfilling to this day, and that is making sure those who come across have access to the info they need to sharpen their knowledge of dentistry.

We have done this through guides such as this one, as well as refining the way we do things inside of the office, by ensuring that our patients’ questions are always answered and their curiosities are put to rest. It is our goal to provide them with the most comfortable and memorable dental experience that Richmond, TX has ever seen before.

Dental office in Houston accepting blue cross blue shield - Best Dental
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Is There A Certain Way to Find the Best Dentist in Richmond, Texas?

Just sort through the local dentists, and keep a few things in mind such as:

  1. Their overall rating on Facebook and Google will give you a decent insight into how things went before with patients that went there in the past for their dental work. These days, it is hard for bad service to go unseen, especially when it gets shared online.
  2. You have dentists that are highly involved in the world of dentistry, and you have those who are just kind of gliding through. The dentists who are dedicated to furthering the industry and providing their patients with modern treatment surely have the upper hand these days.
  3. If you need a complex procedure taken care of, will your dentist be able to perform it or will they have to refer it to another dentist? This is where we have an edge here at Best Dental, as it has remained our primary focus since day one. As a full-service dentist in Richmond, TX, we perform simple preventive care to handle all your family dentistry needs to complex oral surgery procedures. Backed with almost 20 years of going strong here in Richmond.

Of course, you can always save time and get in touch with us via a call to the office or submitting the form on the right. We will make sure that your dental care gets taken care of, just the way it should be.

A Wide Range of Richmond, TX Dental Services Are Available

To ensure that we provide a complete dental solution to our patients, and their families, we have spent a lot of time enhancing and refining our knowledge as a dental professional. Almost 20 years ago, it all started when I first entered the world of dentistry as a surgical dentist.

Affordable Dentures

When you need a budget-friendly approach to replace missing teeth, dentures are often the most popular route to go. And it’s also one of the most cost-friendly too.

Cleanings & Preventive Care

There is no substitute for good ole-fashioned dental cleaning by a leading Richmond dentist. Combine that with our awesome abilities, and you win!

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile takes an artistic dental professional and a solid plan to ensure its success. We offer a range of cosmetic dental services here in Richmond.

Dental Implants

One of the most reliable and trusted forms of tooth replacement today. We offer single tooth dental implants as well as full mouth sets of implants.

Emergency Dental Services

We understand that these things happen, and we want to be the dentist there when it does. Helping you through whatever emergency you are facing.


A tried and true solution when it comes to straightening your teeth with invisible aligners instead of clunky and unwanted metal braces. Ask us about it!

Porcelain Veneers

For those who just have a few cosmetic blemishes to hide, Best Dental in Richmond offers highly durable porcelain veneers to patients.

Sedation Dentistry

Whether you suffer from dental anxiety or have another reason for embracing sleep dentistry in Richmond, we’re a fully capable dental office.

Surgical Dentistry

We want to be Richmond’s ultimate oral surgery center for families to embrace. All while getting the best prices and bringing their dental care under one roof

Teeth Whitening

Whether you want to take home professional teeth whitening trays or have in-office teeth whitening, they are both options we offer patients.

Without Sacrificing Quality, We Remain the Most Affordable Dentist in Richmond, TX!


Of course, this is simply not something that we could just say for ourselves, but our recognition as a leading Richmond, TX since we opened the doors sure can speak on it. Find us winning awards and being featured in places such as:

Dentistry isn’t something that we take lightly either, all of our procedures and treatment adheres to the standards of the top recognized professional dental associations in the United States. Couple that with our high level of attention to dental when it comes to providing complete dental solutions, and you might say you have one of the most diverse dentists that the Richmond area has ever seen.

For coming on nearly 20 years, Dr. Jasmine Naderi provided top-level care to her dental patients, and within the most recent years has been working on growing her Richmond dental practice. Where many of her patients over the years have shown their loyalty and continued seeing her for their dental needs.

The concept is something that she wanted to do for years, providing families with full-service dentistry at affordable prices backed by the highest level of service seen in the industry. And one that has worked as it continues to garner an increased level of attention within the Richmond area.

Then again, we want to make sure everyone treated as if they were a member of our own family. If it wasn’t for our beloved patients, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do within our own Richardson dental practice on our terms. For that, we are forever grateful. The highest level of service is the only way to go around here, and for dang good reason too!

Dentist in Richmond, TX | 5 Star Reviews
Dentist in Richmond, TX | Google 5 Star Reviews

Here’s what makes us distinguish ourselves as Richmond’s #1 dentist…

A focus on modern dentistry that still produces the most valuable results for patients.

We all know that just because it’s a new dental treatment that it’s the most viable solution of all of the ones that are currently serving the industry today. That is why we not only stay on top of the latest dental technology, but we know what works and what simply will not work.

Being able to do this is possible only by making great connections with other skillful dental practitioners that we bounce ideas off from time to time. After all, this is something that we have dedicated all our lives to, we might as well help each other make our mark in the world of dentistry while we are here together while validating industry changes.

Multiple review websites show top marks on reviews from Richmond’s dental patients.

When Best Dental in Richmond came into existence, Dr. Jasmine Naderi had one thing in mind. She wanted to produce Richmond and the rest of Houston with a taste of the finest dental care to existing, back with an award-winning experience. She has done exactly that.

Go look on Facebook, Google, or even Yelp and you will see that providing top-level dental care at affordable prices is the only thing we tend to do around here. I think they say the results are in the pudding, and digitally speaking, that is exactly what was just served up.

Strategically priced and always on top of the latest market rates ensures we stay that way!

It doesn’t seem to pass by us yet without being noticed, and we’re constantly keeping our eyes open for the moment that any change might try to sneak upon us. For a long time, Richmond and the rest of the Houston area needed affordable access to dental care, and now that we can provide it we don’t want to let anyone down.

Invest in Your Oral Health Properly with the Best Dental Savings Plan!

Briefly mention the cost of dental care in Richmond and how this saves you while staying on top of the shit you should be staying on top of anyways.

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We regularly have different specials going on to help new patients save money right out of the gate when they go with the Best Dental of Richmond. It’s our way of saying thanks a bunch!

Dental Financing in Richmond, TX Available!

CareCredit and Lending Club are the top two dental lenders for patients here at our Richmond office, but there are other lenders available if neither of those two happens to suit you. We have a large portfolio of lenders to suit a wide variety of credit and financing situations our patients may have.

Not to mention, we have also developed relationships with local leaders over the years to help improve access to dental care for the Richmond community. Needless to say, we most likely have you covered!

As for how it works, they usually finance the cost of your dental treatment with a Richmond, TX dentist, and have the patient make monthly payments in return. Financing charges also apply, so make sure that you become aware of what the fees are and what your obligations will be financially ahead of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to floss? I mean, I do brush my teeth.

Flossing allows buildup to be removed that brushing might not be able to get to, so it is a good idea for you to floss once-a-day as well as brush at least two times each day. The buildup that is allowed to remain could lead to gingivitis among other dental issues.

Does Richmond, TX have an emergency dentist available 24/7?

Yes, just call our office at (281) 762-0637. We are a full-service dental practice located at 22377 Bellaire Blvd. in the beautiful city of Richmond, Texas and we see dental emergencies 24/7 but you do have to call us as we don’t staff the office 24/7. It’s on an as-needed basis.

Do those with dentures still need to see a dentist?

If you’re wearing dentures, you will still want to see your dentist at least once-a-year for a dental checkup, just to check the current state of your gums and see if there are any signs of other issues trying to come to the surface such as oral cancer. Many ignore doing this, but it helps more than it costs.

Exactly why do I need to take antibiotics before my dental appointment?

Also known as pre-medication, antibiotics are usually given to patients for use before going to the dentist if there is a risk of an infection coming to the surface. Also, if there is any sort of infection already present, It needs to be treated before more dental work being performed so it’s stopped in its tracks.

How can I encourage my kids to brush their teeth more?

What a trick question.

Just kidding, we have had many pediatric dental patients over the years whose parents needed help with that extra boost needed to embrace healthy dental hygiene in their dental routine. We have gathered 3 of the top tips for you and included them below for your convenience.

  1. Let them pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste on a shopping trip together. It allows them to feel like they own the situation and could get them one that encourages them more.
  2. Make it fun and incorporate character toothbrushes into your child’s routine. Surprise them with their favorite TV star or superhero.
  3. Get them used to it being a part of their routine, at close to the same time every day. It only takes a few times for it to become a natural task.

How does one prevent cavities from happening?

While your body will try to naturally fight off a cavity, it never hurts to know the steps to take to prevent it from even happening in the first place. Having more water in your diet, brushing/flossing the recommended number of times each day, and limiting your sugar intake is a few of the ways.

A cavity is simply the onset of tooth decay and is normally a sign that oral hygiene has been allowed to slip to the point where it’s starting to damage the tooth’s enamel. If you do have a cavity, visiting your dentist could save the tooth before you lose it.

How does pregnancy affect dental health?

A common misconception is that no matter what when you get pregnant your teeth are automatically in for it. This isn’t the case, as the dental issues that arise in pregnant women are caused by the increased hormone levels. Therefore, affecting the response your body has to fight off the plaque your body forms which in turn can lead to other issues such as tooth decay.

How early do I need to be for my first dental appointment?

30 minutes before the time that your appointment is scheduled is a good plan to embrace. You want to be there so that you can fill out any needed paperwork before the time comes for your dental exam. It also helps your dental office get on top of all the insurance technicalities for you too.

How long will my first dental appointment in Richmond, TX last?

For most of our dental appointments here in our Richardson office, we have patients in and on with their day in less than an hour. Sometimes in cases where there is a little more work needed, or the complexity of the procedure increased, appointments have been seen going to a couple of hours.