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Many people find themselves missing more than just a few teeth, and it’s quite common that certain accidents, dental conditions, etc. have left one with needing full mouth rehabilitation (also referred to as full mouth reconstruction). This is where they have all their teeth replaced with one of many dental appliance options after having their teeth removed and treating any issues that may have existed.

The cost of full mouth reconstruction ranges from just a few thousand to tens of thousands (at times, not all the time). This makes it difficult for most to afford it. Luckily, there are many dental financing options for full mouth rehabilitation which we will cover in the dental guide for patients crafted by none other than Dr. Jasmine Naderi, an award-winning female dentist in Houston.

The Goal of Full Mouth Rehabilitation Explained

The ultimate goal of full mouth rehabilitation is simply to help your teeth and mouth function properly while promoting a healthier state for the patient. It is also meant to help revert the negative effects of dental issues or any forces that have damaged one’s teeth.

What full mouth rehabilitation consists of is treating any dental conditions that could pose risk to the results of tooth restoration, extraction of damaged teeth, and replacing missing teeth with one of the many options available via cosmetic dentistry.

It Starts with Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Planning

Great results only come to the surface after proper planning and hard work to ensure that they come to fruition. This is the case regardless of what we do in our lives, and it’s something that we won’t ever forget when it comes to serving the patients who have made our success as a dental practice possible.

This is why we don’t rush into any dental procedure without having a plan of action that we’ve already discussed with the patient. Our reputation remains top-notch and the results solid because of this level of focus that we maintain every day that we step into the office. With full mouth rehabilitation, it’s critical that planning is embraced as it’s one of the most extensive forms of dental treatment to exist.

Since it consists of multiple appoints in most situations, we spend the first appointment discussing everything that they can expect each time. How long it will take, and if there are any other pre-requisites that we must work towards fulfilling before working on rehabilitation. It’s where we cross our Ts and dot our Is so to speak, as well as discuss the estimated cost and financing options if needed.

How much does full mouth rehabilitation cost?

Since not one full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan is the same, the cost depends upon one’s specific needs and how they go about restoring their teeth. We were able to nail it down to a general idea though, . If you need to keep the cost down in manageable increments, you can discuss breaking treatment up in different stages with your dentist.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation Insurance Coverage Details

The general rule of thumb when you’re unsure whether insurance covers any type of dental procedure is to reach out to your dental office of choice to speak with them about it. They can help you discover whether it’s covered as well as provide options to make the treatment more affordable or qualified for coverage by your insurance company.

As far as what we have seen with our patients in the past, you may qualify for either partial coverage or complete insurance coverage for full mouth rehabilitation treatment. It depends on what they classify as medically necessary and what they classify as a cosmetic treatment. Keep in mind that they may also cover certain types of tooth restoration options (such as dentures), but require you to be held financially responsible for others (such as dental implants for example) if that’s the way you decide to go.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Financing Options | Best Dental

How to do full mouth rehabilitation financing?

This is one of the more expensive dental treatments that we perform which makes it common practice for patients to need financing to embrace a brilliant smile. Especially if their insurance company only covers a portion of the treatment (or nothing at all). Over the years, we have educated ourselves on financing for full mouth rehabilitation as well as developed many lender relationships.

First and foremost, make sure that you budget wisely for full mouth rehabilitation. Especially if you obtain dental financing to cover the cost of the treatment. When Dr. Naderi meets with her patients that are planning to go through with restoring their entire mouth, she presents them with the entire breakdown of what is to come and what to expect. This includes the financial aspect and various options to ensure that each patient is given a solution they can truly afford.

After all, we are here to improve the lives of others and not make it harder. Let’s move along in this dental journey and look at the different types of dental financing for full mouth reconstruction.

·         Since this is a multi-stage treatment approach, see if your dentist will work with you.

This doesn’t mean that your dentist will have to give you a loan just to be considered as willing to work for you.

·         Borrow the funds needed from your retirement plan if you have one available.

Oftentimes, this is one of the most cost-effective that is used to pay for dental implants or full mouth rehabilitation. Payments are usually spread out for 5 years and you can expect rather low-interest rates. Other financing options simply cannot add up to this.

·         Credit cards could be used if you have a line of credit available to you.

Most dental practices will accept major credit cards to make it easier for their patients to make payments for the services that were provided. If you have an available line of credit, you could leverage it to pay for full mouth rehabilitation. All in all, this could even make it more convenient since it would be something that you don’t have to wait for approval on.

·         Use a third-party lender to finance the overall cost of the treatment.

Most dental providers have lenders that they can recommend to their patients, as it’s common practice to need third-party financing for certain dental procedures. For example, those who are in the Houston area can benefit from our dental financing opportunities. One of the most popular lenders within the dental is none other than CareCredit.

Keep in mind that you may be subject to a credit check and required to meet certain income requirements to qualify for monthly payment plan options for full mouth rehabilitation.

·         Utilize your credit and visit a local credit union or bank for a loan.

You could also visit a loan company, but the interest rates at those kinds of places tend to be higher and you won’t get flexible payment options spread out over the long-term. If you go to a bank or credit union, the amount that is financed can be spread out longer to make sure the amount of the monthly payment is as affordable as possible. Not to mention, interest is lower.

Just like with the third-party dental financing option, approval is subject to meeting their credit score requirements when they pull your credit report and you’ll need to prove your income. If this is an option that is possible, it could be the best one that you have. Especially since the amount needed for full mouth rehabilitation is going to be on the higher end and a financial institution has the funds to help you out.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Finance Options

Where to go for Houston full mouth rehabilitation?

Here at Best Dental, we make it our priority to stay on top of the recent advances in full mouth rehabilitation as they happen. It’s the only way that we can ensure our patients are receiving the best care in this modern day. Not to mention, we kind of committed to it when we got our dental degrees.

With that said, if you want to embrace the treatment that has led to many great successes, reach out to us today and get scheduled for your full mouth rehabilitation treatment planning session. You can do so by giving us a call at the office (555-555-5555) or

Don’t forget to ask about our dental financing in Houston when you reach out to our team.

We’d like to make things easier for you and ensure you get the dental care you deserve!