How To Fix Worn Down Teeth

How To Fix Worn Down Teeth

About 15% of the United States population grinds and bruxes their teeth. Unfortunately, for many of these people, being plagued with worn down teeth is a reality that they are used to. Many of them are embarrassed to smile, covering and hiding their smile any time they can. What a lot of these people don’t understand is how our smile can affect our confidence, our happiness, and our daily lives in general.

Can Worn Down Teeth Be Repaired?

Yes they can. Your dentist will let you know the best treatment options for you and your worn down teeth. Some restorative ways worn down teeth can be repaired include:

  1. Dental Bondings: Strong filling materials are used to rebuild worn down tooth structures.
  2. Porcelain crowns: Caps or crowns are used to help rebuild your worn down teeth.
  3. Gum surgery: Minor gum surgeries are done some times to help lengthen your worn down teeth.

What Causes Worn Down Teeth?

There are many causes of worn down teeth. Here we will go over the main factors that cause this condition.

  • Abrasion: This is a term that means teeth wear due to mechanical forces not related to teeth contact. This can include things such as brushing our teeth too aggressively, and using tooth picks. Both of these actions can lead to tooth wear and loss.
abrasion of teeth
  • Abfraction: This is a form tooth structure loss that occurs along the gingival (gum) margin. It is a mechanical loss of tooth structure that is not caused by dental decay, located along the gum line.
teeth abfraction
  • Erosion: This is the loss of tooth structure by chemical means, usually a buildup of acids that is NOT secreted by bacteria. Common causes of teeth erosion include acidic beverages like Coke and Pepsi, excessive alcohol, bulimia, and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder).
teeth erosion

Steps To Take To Fix Worn Down Teeth

  1. See your Dentist. A full examination and x-rays will be performed and a comprehensive treatment plan of how to fix your worn teeth will be presented to you.
  2. Crown Lengthening: Tooth lengthening with gum surgery may be first required to lengthen your teeth before your teeth are worked on. Either an experienced cosmetic dentist or a trained periodontist will undertake the procedure. It will take at least 6-8 weeks before gum tissues have completely healed.
  3. You may need a rehabilitation: A full mouth rehabilitation may be performed to fix your teeth. Also known as a full mouth reconstruction, this is the use of dental crowns to help rebuild your tooth structure and your normal biting function by opening your bite. Opening your bite is also known as an increase in vertical dimension in dental terms. An experienced cosmetic dentist needs to be well-trained in these cases as treatment planning, and expectations must be clearly laid out for the patient before treatment is started.
  4. Get your nightguard: Once the full mouth reconstruction is completed, a dental nightguard will be made to prevent you from fracturing the porcelain. It is critical that you wear your guard every night to prevent this from happening.
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crown lengthening
full mouth reconstruction

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Worn Down Teeth?

If you are looking at a full mouth reconstruction, the cost to fix you worn down teeth can range between $15,000-$60,000. Prices may vary based on the treating dentist, the number of worn down teeth that need to be restored, and the materials selected to restore your teeth.


Can Worn Down Teeth Grow Back?

Unfortunately they can’t. Once teeth structures have broken or eroded away, the body does not grow them back. Fortunately, we do live in an age where dental treatment can help restore your worn down teeth.

My Teeth Have Been Worn To The Gums, What Can I Do?

If your teeth have been worn to the gums, you may still have a few options. As we mentioned, wearing of your teeth is due to grinding and bruxing habits. Some options you may have include:

  1. Crown Lengthening: If your teeth are long enough, gum surgery may be recommended to lengthen the size of your teeth inside your mouth.
  2. Full Mouth rehabilitation: Gum surgery will be following with a rehab of your mouth with dental crowns. Root canal treatment may also be needed on some teeth as your nerve tissue may be exposed due to your bruxing habits.
  3. A nightguard will be recommended after your rehab to prevent the breakdown of the porcelain crowns.


Can I Get Veneers For My Worn Down Teeth?

Normally it is not recommended to get dental veneers for worn down teeth. This is due to excessive grinding forces that can break off the thin porcelain shells that dental veneers are composed of.

There are exception to this rule, however. Your cosmetic dentist can go over this with you to see what he or she would recommend. Some cosmetic dentists incorporate dental veneers as part of the overall rehabilitation process making them for certain teeth along with your dental crowns. These veneers are normally seen on your bottom front teeth that have been worn down.

Living with worn down teeth can cause low self-esteem and confidence. Find a competent cosmetic dentist in your area, and regain your life back today.